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Bösche Reisen has been a term for reliability and tradition in Hamburg travel business for more than 50 years.

Bösche Reisen

Bösche Reisen

Albert-Schweitzer-Ring 5-7
22045 Hamburg
Tel:  040 20001129
Fax: 040 20001148


All departures from HH-ZOB, Wandsbek Schloßstr., Bhf. Tonndorf, Bhf. Rahlstedt, Bhf. Ahrensburg, Herold-Center Norderstedt und U-Bahn Station Norderstedt Mitte. You will find the departure in our catalogue and your travel confirmation.

Group discount of 5% for groups of 10 people (common registration and payment) only for day trips.

Departures with reservation from Lübeck central station, Kiel central station, Harburg station, Lüneburg station and Glinde station possible.